The hero of our stories is just an ordinary little girl until she discovers she has Shiny magic flowing through her. Funny and fast, brave and kind, she does not know yet that she is the greatest Shiner of her generation


Light as a feather because she eats marshmallows and only drinks the bubbles out of lemonade. She is also the strongest Shiner of her generation.


Pippin’s Shiny soulmate. He loves cheese and hates change. Happiest when he is asleep in Pippin’s pocket, dreaming of hazelnuts next to her heart.


Oswald King of the Forest just loves to snooze because he’s always tired. YOU’D be tired if you had fought in seventy-seven battles and two enormous and very fighty wars.


At the front of the herd was Oswald’s young son, Martin. Martin was the opposite of Oswald. He was bouncy, energetic and fast. If he had been a human, he would have been the sort of human that got up ever so early and said ‘Right!’ all the time.


He looked like nice trouble mixed up with cheeky fun, all squeezed into a big, tall mischievous body. As strong as nine angry toilets, he soon becomes one of Pippin’s very besitcus friendzones


A very powerful little green ninja. With all of the skills of James Bond squeezed into the tiny body of a bow-tie wearing frog. Oddplop is someone that you really want on your side.


Evil scientist Doctor Blowfart is a Dark Shiner. Evil as a jam jar full of pig fart, he likes to do things that are deliciously mean and frightfully rotten.


Dr Blowfart’s pet. A horrid fluffy white cat with mean eyes. A playground bully in the body of a cat.


His real name is Alan but he prefers Turbo because it is more glamorous. As brave as a waffle, Turbo steps up to volunteer for the most dangerous of missions.


A cheeky thief from the wrong side of town and an unreliable fellow. Chubby is obsessed with shiny things and will disappear in a moment to try and steal some tinsel or a milk bottle top.