Shiny Pippin
and the
Broken Forest

Pippin’s just an ordinary little girl who likes to hang out with her ordinary little granny in the ordinary little town of Funsprings. Or so she thinks. When some rather terrible goings on start occurring, Granny is forced to reveal a secret – she used to be a secret crime fighter! And on top of that, Pippin has a special gift – she is Shiny, and can talk to animals. Maximum zoinkage.

But life’s not all fun times and lemonade and monster munch for tea. Not only has all the water in the forest gone, the animals are disappearing too. Someone as rotten as a pig fart in a jar must be behind all this, and it’s up to Pippin to find out who. Armed with her new Shiny power and some new Shiny animal friends to boot, Pippin will confront an enormous plopper of a penguin, an evil scientist and would-be diamond thief in this fantastic new series from me – Harry Heape (brilliantly illustrated by Rebecca Bagley too, you lucky things!)